Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I try really hard not to be selfish most of the time. I mean being a mom really helps you to see that you cannot live this life for yourself even if you wanted to. Not that being a wife doesn't do that enough. :) The only way that I can do this, battle my sinful nature, is through the Lord and His work in and through me. I will admit though that this weekend I was so very blessed to have some time for myself away from the normal routine. I went on a wonderful ladies retreat with some of the sweetest women I know from my church and was refreshed and encouraged by all that was taught and the time spent in God's Word and with these sisters in Christ of mine. The theme of the retreat was based on the speakers' book on prayer and man was I convicted that I don't do enough of just that. There are so many things to lift up to the throne of God on a daily basis that I have no excuse what so ever! So on this note I will pray that I can make more times of prayer and reflection on the Word. For what else am I here on this earth for but to know God, glorify Him and this can only come by talking to Him and listen to the Words that were spoken so long ago and yet apply to me each and every day.
P.S. The fun mug in the picture was gifted to me by my dear sister in law. :) The coffee and candle have to be my favorite flavor and smell, hazelnut creme!

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emily said...

the mug made your blog!!! hahahaha! that made my night!! :) i so enjoyed the time we spent together at the retreat this weekend. i especially loved talking on friday night about what we'd learned from the speaker's first message. God is always teaching me something through you. i'm so thankful that our husbands unselfishly took care of the kiddos so we could be revived. thanks, guys!

(yes it took a coffee mug for me to get off my lazy newsreader and actually post a comment!!)