Monday, March 3, 2008

Fun in the carport!

Karina and I had a really good time with these chalk crayons a few weeks back and I thought I would share. She really enjoyed it and is at the perfect age to get into something like this. I might have enjoyed it even more than she did. :) I love doing things like this with her now. I can't believe how fast time is flying by and how big she is getting. I cherish every minute I have with her, well, except for when I don't and I ask the Lord to forgive me. You mom's understand. :) I am honored that the Lord saw fit a year and a half ago to give me this little girl to nurture and care for. We would love to have more little ones and are leaving that up to the Lord and His perfect plan. So until then I will bask in the beauty of this sweet little life our Father has entrusted to us. Praise Him!!


nancygrayce said...

She's so adorable...maybe she'll get a brother soon....:)))

Amy Middleton said...

she is just so cute! It's unreal how fast kids grow!!!

I don't know if you will get this in time, but I'm coming in town with the boys and would love to see you! I'll be there this Tues to Thurs...I might try to see Emily Tues too if you are free.