Monday, March 17, 2008

Birthday gift for grandma..

This sign was made to fill a request that Jeff's grandmother made a while back. So I worked on it today because her birthday is on Thursday, but I will have to get it to her another time since this week won't work to take it to her. Thought I would share though since I put a lot of time into it today. The story behind it is that his grandma has a cute little house out in her back yard that is used as a storage space, but would also make an excellent craft room, play room, or workshop. I think it might have been a garage at one point. Anyway, it has a red roof and one day she thought up the idea to name it and decided she wanted a sign to let everyone know. So she asked me about making one and I said I would. So there you have it. We won't talk about the fact that she is planning to move out of this house and into another with her precious daughter in the next year. :) That's ok though. It's what she wanted and I love to bless her!

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nananositall said...

K- I know mama hawkins will absolutely looove the sign. Thanks for being so thoughtful and finishing that little project for her. love you...mama d