Sunday, February 10, 2008

A picture perfect day!

This Saturday Karina and I were invited to tag along with my sister in laws family who had asked a close friend, who is also a professional photographer, to take their family pictures. So we did and had a marvelous time! I, not having the money to pay for the pro pictures, decided to go on with my own photo shoot. I must say I was able to capture some very precious moments of my sweet little girl and had so much fun while doing it. It was like we were in our own little world and I just let her roam as I snapped away. She sure loved having free rein to go where ever she liked. (Except into the water of course.) I will dedicate this post to my sweet friend Tyler who blessed me so much when she gifted me with this precious little white dress. I had really been wanting one and hadn't told anybody. Well maybe family. So you can imagine the joy I was feeling when I saw how sweet the pictures were with her in it. I hope you enjoy them too and stay tuned for more pics from the park.


J. Thomsen said...

These are absolutely heavenly!!!
What a little dream-girl; a gift from heaven, in a Monet-like setting. Someone simply MUST paint these.

nancygrayce said...

She is such a natural! Karina looks like she is posing as a model! These are beautiful pictures.