Sunday, February 10, 2008

My little flower girl

I forgot to say in the last post that we went to a lovely state park not too far away to take all these pictures. I am a bit of a flower nut so these might just be my favorite from the day. Yet I find myself saying that over and over again each time I sit down and look at all these photos.

This camellia bush was so beautiful and Karina and I both were taken with the wonderful red flowers. It reminded me of the song they sing on Alice In Wonderland, "We're painting the roses red". Silly I know. :)

Yes, it's a lot of pictures of what seems to be the same thing, but I figure it's my blog so I can put as many as I want to right. Hehehe. And they are all really different to me. Enjoy!


J. Thomsen said...

You make an artist want to paint!

Amy Middleton said...

wow, those pictures are so awesome. They look like paintings, you should get them printed big and hang them on the wall!