Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sunday at the park

We went to the park for a picnic a few Sundays ago and man did it turn out to be a beautiful day. We took a lunch of sub sandwiches, fruit and chips and had a great time. Karina has not been to this park since she has been walking so she thought it was great. We also invited some friends and family to grab some lunch and join us so it was a great time of fellowship too. So I thought I would share a few pictures. I love this little dress Karina is wearing. It was a Christmas present from her great grandma. We of course took some clothes to change into. I had a wonderful time and I hope we can do it again soon. Thank you Lord for a lovely day!

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Anonymous said...

Hey!I want to see a picture of your new hair cut!:)I love Karina in that lil dress...so cute!Hope you guys are doing well!Love ya~Bethany