Monday, January 28, 2008

A cozy little spot!

Karina found what might just be the coziest little spot in our house. I think she will grow to love this chair and blanket about as much as I do. The blanket is one I knitted a long time ago and it is a wonderful wool blend that is sooooo warm. The chair was a wonderful wedding present from some very good friends of ours and so that makes it even more of a special place to go and sit by the fire, read or knit, or just have a good ol' time getting in and out of which is what Karina prefers right now. These first two pictures are a little blurry but they capture the warm lighting. I hope you all have a cozy spot to call your own.
"This blanket's really warm mom!"

" I think I will just take a snooze."

" Nah, I'd rather play."

" There's my foot!"

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nancygrayce said...

She is too cute! And I love your hair!