Monday, January 28, 2008

Another cozy fire...

Yep it's another cozy fire and I have some fun knitting I am working on. This is a little hat for my sweet little niece out in California. I had made some things for her little brother that was just born and thought it would be fun to send something to her and her two little sisters. So I whipped up some hats for their sweet little heads.

These are some little gifts I made for a sweet new friend of mine that is expecting her little baby girl next month. It is her first and I just went to her baby shower on Saturday and had lots of fun. I just love hearing of babies on the way!

And this my friends is my early Valentine splurge. :) I had to run in the store for a few things on Saturday and couldn't pass up the M&M's or the Martha Stewart mag. I thought this would all go well some nice ice coffee and it did! :) As you can see I went Valentine with my blog colors too. I just couldn't stay all drab and winter looking for too long. Anyone who knows me knows I like color!

Room rearranged!

This is for you Nancy since you wanted to see a picture of how I changed my room around. The bed headboard used to be up under the window to the left and the desk was under the window on the right. Well, almost every time I would sit at my desk when Jeff was home he would ask me to move if he needed to get by and there just wasn't enough room for me to sit comfortably there. So as I brainstormed I thought this way that would be fixed and it makes the room feel more welcoming and open. I also changed the curtains from being little valances to the long taupe shears that drape. They make it more homey and romantic I think. So, there it is. I know it's a dark picture, but it should be bright enough and I just love the warm lighting. :)

Fun little friends!

These are some really cute little bath toys that Karina just received from her sweet Auntie Em. We had so much playing with them in the tub the other night and I thought I would stick a picture up here to show you all. I had never seen any like these before and might have just had more fun then Karina did with all their different little outfits. :)

Giving thanks!

About a week ago I made some soup for lunch when my sweet sister in law came over for a visit. She and I can down this soup and it is so simple to make. Well I made quite a bit so I was enjoying it for the next week as well. Do you ever make soup and just keep enjoying it's warmth and heartiness? I love having left overs and I thank the Lord that we have a fridge full of food and that I can bless others with our bounty. Praise Him!!

A cozy little spot!

Karina found what might just be the coziest little spot in our house. I think she will grow to love this chair and blanket about as much as I do. The blanket is one I knitted a long time ago and it is a wonderful wool blend that is sooooo warm. The chair was a wonderful wedding present from some very good friends of ours and so that makes it even more of a special place to go and sit by the fire, read or knit, or just have a good ol' time getting in and out of which is what Karina prefers right now. These first two pictures are a little blurry but they capture the warm lighting. I hope you all have a cozy spot to call your own.
"This blanket's really warm mom!"

" I think I will just take a snooze."

" Nah, I'd rather play."

" There's my foot!"

For you Bethany :)

I don't normally put pictures up of just me, but I had a request to see my haircut. I must say I never ever thought I would go this short with my hair, but I am loving the easiness it brings. So there you have it!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sunday at the park

We went to the park for a picnic a few Sundays ago and man did it turn out to be a beautiful day. We took a lunch of sub sandwiches, fruit and chips and had a great time. Karina has not been to this park since she has been walking so she thought it was great. We also invited some friends and family to grab some lunch and join us so it was a great time of fellowship too. So I thought I would share a few pictures. I love this little dress Karina is wearing. It was a Christmas present from her great grandma. We of course took some clothes to change into. I had a wonderful time and I hope we can do it again soon. Thank you Lord for a lovely day!

I love chocolate!

That would be chocolate yarn or brownies. :) This just looked too good to not take a picture of. I am making a hat out of these yarns and they all look good enough to eat to me. Ok guess you'd have to be a knitter. But I know a lot of you that would scarf these brownies up in a minute!!

Annnnnnnnnnd after!

Staying healthy with our homemade smoothies!

Lovely winter day...

Baby it's cold outside!

After we went for a fast walk the other day Karina spotted her swing that she hasn't been in for awhile now since mommy hasn't wanted to get out in the cold. But on this day we were all bundled up anyway and so I gave in. She loves this little swing and her daddy so sweetly hung it from the great big oak in our front yard. So thought you all might enjoy these. Hope you are all enjoying this chilly weather and that you are staying warm and cozy too. :)

Sorry about the mouth full of cookie in this shot. :)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Say cheese!

Karina climbed up in this little rocker a few days ago and was so proud of herself. She even said "Cheese!" when I asked her too which she has never done before either. My sister Tammy gave us this little rocker and her kids love it too. So I know it will be put to good use by our little lady as she enjoys rocking away.

Rub dub dub, my baby loves the tub!

Karina was having too much fun the other night in the tub so I thought I would share it with you. After saying something about wanting to get her some of these letters that stick to the tile wall to Karina's Auntie Em she was so sweet to just collect a bag of assorted ones out of her own kiddies tub to let Karina play with at our house. So I pulled them out the other night when it was bath time and Karina loved them. It was so cute to see how her little brain works and notice that after she figured out that these cool sponge letters stuck to the tile she started trying it will all her other toys that won't stick. And after working at it a bit she turned and gave me this look like, "What's the deal?" It was too funny and so I had to explain that some things stick and some don't. After that she just went back to playing and didn't seem to care too much. :) I thought it would be fun to put a little message up for her Auntie Em in a picture, but this is the best I could do with the little assortment we had. Not too bad eh? :) Well hope you all are having a great week and that you have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!! I can hardly believe it is 2008! 2007 was so very blessed and we can only imagine what the Lord has for us in this new year. Jeff and I went for a walk this afternoon. It was a beautiful New Years Day. And while we walked we talked about things we were thankful for and things we'd like to work on. As I enjoyed the fresh, crisp air and I watched our little girl walking hand in hand with her daddy I thought about how blessed I am to be married to this man that wants to provide for our family, that loves me and his daughter with all his heart and has a desire to serve the Lord and in that moment I realized I have all I need. All the projects in our heads for the house, all the places we'd like to see, all the meaningless things we could purchase fall away as I ponder the great blessings I have. The verse "..Godliness with contentment is great gain.." brings peace to my heart. And I pray it can be true in my life and yours as we greet the coming year looking to the Lord for all we need.
This picture was taken this last Saturday when Karina and I went with Jeff's mom, Glenda, to take a stroll through the mall. I was hoping Karina would enjoy taking a ride on the little cars they have there and she did. We had a very nice time, while sipping our Starbucks we'd picked up on the way, we watched Karina ride the ice cream truck, choo choo train and motor car. Then we walked the rest of the mall just stopping in Linen's 'n' Things where I got the cutest little candy dish in the shape of a little present. I love it! And for $2.50 it was a good buy. All their Christmas stuff was on sale and I could have easily gotten more, but I held back. So anyway, just thought I'd share this cute pic.

I have read a few blogs where people have said that they are glad to take down all the Christmas decorations and get back to normal and I've always been kinda sad when we've packed things away. But this year I must say that I am looking forward to it too. It has been wonderful and the parties have been grand, but I have learned to like change. That must be why I rearranged my room last week while Jeff was at work. :) There is something about it that is refreshing. That might sound silly but I don't know how else to describe it. So I will end this post here before I bore you anymore and hope you all have a great week and are enjoying the quietness in your homes as you think about all your blessings. :)