Monday, October 29, 2007

The pumpkin patch!

We had a great time with the family picking out some pumpkins from the pumpkin patch this last Saturday. It was a great photo op as well. So of course we snapped away while Emily and I sang silly songs to make the kids smile. Boy did we sound like two crazy people I'm sure, but it is all worth it when you get home and see that you got the perfect picture! It was so nice outside that afternoon too. There was a cool breeze as the sun was going down and the kids seemed to love it. Any excuse to get outside when the weather is this nice is good to me.

Pouring the patio!

Well praise the Lord the patio is poured!! We are so excited to have a patio! As you can see we already set up our table and chairs and had a bowl of ice cream the other night to celebrate. Then last night we actually had a nice romantic dinner out there just the two of us. It is so funny to me that I felt like we were on a date but there we were just sitting in our own back yard seconds away from our cozy couch to which we retreated once it got pretty cool out and we wanted to relax and watch a movie. This weekend we are planning to break in the fire pit and have our family over to make s'mores and kick back with some hot cocoa and coffee. Yum! I am so excited to know the use this space will get and the sweet times of fellowship we will have out here either over dinner, lunch or desert by the fire. I do feel as though we have added a room on to the house and in a way it is another room, though it is under the stars and open to the sky. :) You can also tell the kids got a kick out of seeing the big ol' cement truck and watching the guys take it back and pour it. Ethan and Emily even got the chance to get in the front seat and honk the horn!! The driver was so sweet to let us do that. We also put Karina's hand and footprints in the patio and I had to do it too with my hand. I put the date there as well so that was lots of fun! So I thought I would share and hope we can have you all over to enjoy this blessing!

Going for a stroll..

Karina and went for a walk the other day and the air was so crisp and cool that I had to wrap her up. It was a gorgeous fall day and it couldn't have been more lovely outside. I am so blessed that she loves the outdoors and will endure daily walks in the morning with me so that I can get some exercise. God has gifted us with a lovely neighborhood to walk through. I have enjoyed seeing all the pretty fall wreaths decorating peoples doors and pumpkins at the doorstep. We just went to the pumpkin patch this weekend and found ourselves some nice ones to bring home and decorate with too. I also love the seeds roasted and making pumpkin bread too!! So pictures of that are coming soon!

Coffee break..

My dear sweet mother went out and bought me this great cookie jar after I had mentioned seeing it and thinking it was so cute. It had an extra special bonus to it being that it was filled with wonderful biscotti!! Thank you again so very much mom. I enjoyed my first biscotti the other day with a nice cup of coffee. You will have to enjoy some with me really soon. So this post is dedicated to my mom who is always so thoughtful, loving, caring, and generous. I can't imagine having a more amazing mother and no it is not because she buys me things, but because her heart is so beautiful and she is such a wonderful example of the Lord and His love. So God bless you mom and thank you for blessing me and others with your kind and loving ways!

Friday, October 19, 2007

So warm and cozy!

Here are a few shots of Karina in her new little sweater I made. I knit a little hat to match but she wasn't wanting to keep it on for the pictures. Yes, I will put pants on her when she wears this out and about. Just thought I'd share.


Yes it is another post devoted to pizza. I know I'm silly but I think I may have gotten it just right this time. That crust came out beautifully golden and crusty and the rest was well, yum yum yum! Many of you will be able to tell which half is mine and which one is Jeff's. Hehehe. I actually picked the basil fresh from my little basil plant out front and man did it taste good. So happy cooking to you all!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

sweet treat!

How fun is this little hat! It was requested by Emily for Carolines 1st birthday and I was happy to try my hand at it. We actually saw the idea in a little online shop and I knew I could maybe come close. Now I want to keep making them. I would be happy to make them to order if anyone wants to give them as a gift to a little birthday girl.

Sweet friends!

What can I say these two just melt my heart when I see them playing. The first picture was when they were eating their little snack together and Karina just walked over to Caroline and put her arm around her. If you notice too what the tv says that was the "super story answer" for the Super Readers that day. Emily you know what I'm talking about. Yay, and I didn't even plan that one. :) Well I just had to share. I know I've already dedicated one post to these two and just know that there will probably be many more to come. :)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

I won! I won!

I am so excited because I actually won something the other day. I was visiting another gals blog that I have really enjoyed for she is a fellow knitter and incredibly talented at this craft we love. Her blog is and she was having a drawing for some of her sweet little creations. So I thought why not leave a comment and see what happens. So I did and ended up being one of the blessed recipients of her precious knitted flower barrette. It is just one of the sweetest things I've ever seen and in Karina's hair it looks oh so cute. She also has a store online at that has some really cute cards and tags. Go for a visit!

Calling all pizza lovers!

I must say that I think pizza is definitely one of my very favorite foods. It's comforting and oh so tasty and what could be more simple then bread, sauce and cheese! Well I tried my hand at some homemade pizza dough the other night and it actually turned out pretty tasty. I do recommend cooking your raw dough ten minutes and then add the topping for another ten minutes in the oven. It was kinda soft in the middle because I didn't think to do that, but oh the smell and taste of fresh dough cooking in my oven was so rewarding. Yes it does take time. I let the dough rise for an hour, but it was so worth it. It even passed Jeff's taste test! That was my goal. :) I am wanting to experiment some more with fresh baked bread, but I know I will have to be careful because I will want to eat it ALL! So far Publix bakery has been great at offering so many wonderful breads that I hadn't even thought of doing my own much. But I will post my first try at a loaf so you can all see if I passed or failed. I used to make it all the time when I lived at home with my folks and actually became pretty quick at putting it together. I really want to try making some bread bowls for all those nights of soup in the cooler months. Maybe I can even get my husband to eat soup that way! We'll see.