Monday, August 27, 2007

Dreaming of Autumn...

Yes I am dreaming of Autumn. Can you tell? Did I put up enough pictures of beautiful fall leaves. I took all of these a few years ago when I went to visit dear friends in D.C. Can you feel the crisp cool air on your face and hear the birds chirping, "It's here, it's here"! I can hear them faintly as the heat of summer hangs on for however much longer. So I crank down the a/c light a pumpkin candle and wish for it to come soon. :) I am reminded of a song I know from long ago speaking to the changing seasons.
"Seasons change,
And then they pass,
No way to know how long they last,
I'd love to know the reason why,
But God knows,
Seasons change."
Yes I am likening it to the weather, but in the heart of the artist who penned the lyrics she was speaking of the seasons in our hearts. How often we find ourselves longing for the season to change along with the circumstances it brings as we pass through difficult times. It could be as an oppressive heat weighing down our soul and driving us to thirst for the only one who can give us living water. And then oh so quietly we wake to a morning where the sky is dusted with lovely gray clouds filled with water to quench our heart and mind as we read His word and drink it in. The leaves are falling in red and orange hues as they ready themselves for the new birth in the spring, as we die to ourselves and seek how we may serve Him more fully. And then it comes, that cool soft breeze on our face and the whisper of the One we know so well and hold so dear. The Lord in all His splendor coming to us, in the peace and stillness, His beauty and majesty, to say, "I am here my child. Rest in Me."
That is what Autumn says to me and so I will rest in the Lord knowing that He has perfect timing whether it is a problem (blessing in disguise) or me just wanted to have the cool weather here and now.

yummy stuff!!

Had to follow up Auntie Em's post of Ethan digging into the oreo cake with this post of Karina enjoying another of her great deserts she is soooo good at making. Mommy had a hard time sharing this one it was so good, but Karina won out and got a few bites. Enough to give her a great messy face worthy of a few pictures. Hehehe.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Happy Birthday to the man I love!!!

It's Jeff's 26th birthday today,
I love this man in so many ways.
To see his desire to serve the Lord,
is just one of the reasons by me he's adored.
He works so hard for us, to provide,
I know that his love flows deep and wide.
His sweet tender ways are something I treasure,
my love only grows for him beyond all measure.
He loves to be quiet to ponder to think.
It's like his thirsty soul is reflecting and taking a drink.
From the well of wisdom that God has given,
I know when he tastes of it then he is driven.
To only serve God more faithfully and true,
so that his life can be a light and he can continue.
So this is for you dear husband of mine,
a better companion my heart would not find.
And so I thank the Lord for giving your heart to me,
and I pray through this poem that you would see,
how great and how strongly my heart beats for you.
I am so very happy you're the one I belong to!
I love you sweetheart and happy birthday!!

pool play!!

This is the other day when Mrs.Nancy so sweetly allowed us to come and visit her and take a swim. Thank you so much Nancy!! It was a wonderful time. I know I am in none of the pics because the only ones I have are with others in them. So Mom and Em you had to be. : ) We really did have a great time. The weather was perfect and it didn't seem too hot if you were in the water or wet. The kids had so much fun and I just can't say it enough so thank you, thank you ,thank you Nancy. You are such a blessing to us and I always enjoy your company and our pool side chats.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Karina's 1st Birthday!!

Oh what a wonderful time we had at Karina's 1st little birthday party!! The best part was having all our family over to fellowship and celebrate our little girls life. Without them she wouldn't be here so thank you everyone for coming and for all the precious gifts. She has really had a great time exploring each and every one. You should have seen her this morning when she woke up to all these new things to play with. I bet she thought she was at a different house. Time to clean through the old baby toys and put them away for the next little one Lord willing. I will post more pictures soon. It is so wild to see her enjoying all these toys for big kids. She really is growing up! This little car is what Jeff and I gave her. She looks so grown up sitting on it. She hasn't quite figured out how to make it move on her own, but I'm sure it won't take long and she will be riding it all through the house. :) I know the fun has only just begun with our little lady and I pray for many more years with her. Thank you Lord for our little Karina!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Pearly whites and Piggy tails!

I can hardly believe that Karina turns one on Friday. It has been so much fun watching her grow and learn all kinds of new things. She has also changed quite a bit in her appearance with her toothy grin and new do. I had to try putting some pigtails in her hair this week. She barely has enough to do it with but we made it work. She now looks like a little girl to me and not so much a baby. Wow! It sure seems like her first year flew by but oh the fun we've had. Slowly but surely she is beginning to use some words. When she sees daddy now you can tell she is saying Dadda. We are still working on Mamma, but she will say it every now and then. It is so incredible to watch a masterpiece from Gods own hands grow from birth and see how the mind of a little one works and grows in knowledge. I pray with all my heart that Jeff and I can teach her the ways of the Lord and watch her grow in love and devotion for Him. Thank you Father for giving us this little girl to care for and nurture. Thank you even more for your Son and the life He lived and laid down for us that we might be called your children and be privileged to grow in you.