Sunday, July 22, 2007

Scenic shots from North Carolina

Isn't God amazing!! How can we possibly ever doubt Him when he clothes His creation in such majesty and splendor and shows such care for it. We should feel like royalty to be privileged to take joy in this view. Everytime I see this kind of beauty it speaks so loudly to me of the awesome God we serve and His greatness and creativity in designing each and everything on this earth from the smallest flower and bug to the biggest mountain and rushing river. Oh that we could lose ourselves and forget our petty problems and just rejoice again and again for the mercy He has shown in giving us this life to live and worship Him in. I stand in awe of Him and wonder at the beauty of heaven that awaits all who believe in Him!! When I would wake up in the Smoky Mountains and the clouds hang low and cover the hills with a soft white blanket and the grayness of the sky hides the vibrant colors of the flowers I think of how our sin so often clouds our view of things and people that we are so close to. But then the sun comes up and the clouds break open to reveal the glory of all that is around and thoughts come of God's Son that was sent by the Father to shine a great light on our sinfullness and transform us into His son's and daughters so that we too would show His glory to all those around us. So as you take joy in these pictures also rejoice in the blessing of being one of His own if you have indeed given your life to Christ. And if not, I pray that you would seek Him out and that He would reveal Himself to you through His holy Word and His awesome creation!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Great times in the Smoky Mountains!

Last week we went on vacation to North Carolina for our family reunion and had an incredible time. It was so wonderful to see all our family and spend time with them. We couldn't have done it in a more beautiful place in my opinion. The Smoky Mountains are an amazing backdrop and I did not wake up one day while we were there without wanting to praise my Lord for the glorious surroundings that he has created and for bringing my family all together in one place so that we could fellowship and enjoy one another for what seemed like a very short time. I give Him all the glory for keeping us safe and allowing us to all get along in the same house. We are home now and it is all a beautiful memory that lives on in these pictures. I have many more, but these will have to do for now. Hope you enjoy them and that you will also thank God for the blessing of family and His lovely creation!!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Fun at Bonita Bay!!

Can you tell all the kids had a great time? We had a blast going out for a beach day with my family and Jeff's for a Father's Day celebration. It was a beautiful day and the water was perfect! It was a wonderful time and as you can see Karina, in the picture above, gets wiped out after a few hours in the sun, sand and surf. We were out there all morning and a little in the afternoon before our usual thunderstorm decided to roll in. But we got in plenty of bumper floats, skiing, tubing, canoeing and kayaking. Yes we pull out all the toys when this family plays. :) Hope you enjoy all our fun pictures and get out and enjoy the outdoors yourself!!