Sunday, December 30, 2007

One more day till 2008!!

Just thought I'd jump at saying a very Happy New Year to you all. I can't believe it is only one day till 2008! You are wondering why I would post a picture of a cake? Well this is my mom's masterpiece that she so graciously made for us after an amazing Christmas night dinner. It's called a black forest cake. Oh if I could only describe how good it was! I figured it would also make this post a little more inviting. :) I hope you all will greet the new year with family or friends or both and that God will bless you greatly as you look to Him in the coming year!

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Lia said...

So, I found myself with time this evening, and started going through your blog (so fun!). I know this comment is waaaay outdated, but I saw that cake and almost squealed out loud. :) I know that's your mom's "famous" cake, and once when she was visiting, she taught me how to make it. Such a sweet memory! In my family circle, it has now become "Lia's cake", and that frosting....? The best, ever.

I made a version of it for Dannielle's bridal shower...or planned to. I got so sick, and your mom (who was visiting again)stepped in and made it for me. Such a blessing!