Sunday, December 30, 2007

Here we go a caroling....

I really want to show you all so many pictures and these are first in line. This was the Friday before Christmas and we (my side of the family) all loaded up in my dad's old 66' Chevy truck over at my sister's house and went caroling through the neighborhood gracing anyone and everyone we could with our singing of all the Christmas songs we knew, some we didn't so well :), and just a jolly good shout of "Merry Christmas"!! It was so much fun and I am so glad it has become a yearly tradition. After we had sung ourselves silly we headed to my mom's house for a wonderful time of decorating gingerbread cookies. Everyone got into the fun this year, even the guys. It was so sweet to me to watch my dear husband concentrating so intently on his cookie masterpiece. Karina is not quite old enough to appreciate the art, but she sure had fun watching everyone else and taking a sample here and there of the yummy icing and fun little colored sprinkles. :) So thank you again Mom for such a fun time together!!

Our little family all bundled up.

Danny, Rhema and Rory. Dan was so kind to play the guitar for all our songs.

Tammy, Jonathan and Claire all snuggled up.

Natalie and Joseph playing their jingle bells.

I just love this picture of Natalie and Karina. What a sweet big cousin Natalie is!

And on to the cookie decorating...

I know everyone has probably loaded up on cookies and candies at this time of year so these pictures might make you sick to your stomach. :) But I hope you all have had some great times with your friends and family and shared sweet memories with all those you hold dear!!

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