Sunday, December 30, 2007

One more day till 2008!!

Just thought I'd jump at saying a very Happy New Year to you all. I can't believe it is only one day till 2008! You are wondering why I would post a picture of a cake? Well this is my mom's masterpiece that she so graciously made for us after an amazing Christmas night dinner. It's called a black forest cake. Oh if I could only describe how good it was! I figured it would also make this post a little more inviting. :) I hope you all will greet the new year with family or friends or both and that God will bless you greatly as you look to Him in the coming year!

Having ourselves a Merry little Christmas!

I hope this post finds you all well and rested after a busy holiday season and wonderful Christmas! We sure have had a great time visiting with our friends and family, making new memories and reminiscing about all the old ones. :) Our Christmas Eve was really nice. We went to our churches Christmas Eve service which is always a wonderful reminder of why we celebrate this very special time of our Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ coming to this world to save us from our sins. God has truly blessed us this year with good health, His mercy that is new every morning, a new house, and Jeff's job that God continues to use to provide for us. He has met all our needs and more. So on this Christmas we decided to use some of that blessing and get our little girl a couple special things. I did decide to do stockings at our house since we were going to be out and about the rest of the day at the grandparents houses. This post is going to seem like one really long film strip and it is just that, a little recap of our day. We had such a wonderful time with both of our families and couldn't thank God enough for how much he has blessed us through each and every one of our family members. So if any of you are reading this know we count you each as a great gift!! Enjoy! :)

Karina is ready to be a shepherd in the next up and coming Christmas play! :)
On to Nana and Pappy's house for a wonderful breakfast, some gift opening and a splendid lunch to follow!

This is Karina's one gift from us. She wasn't so sure about what to do with it all wrapped up or even after we tore off all the paper, but when daddy put it all together while she napped and she woke up to see her new little kitchen she was thrilled. Of course daddy, cousin Ethan and Auntie Em had to test it all out to see if it worked ;) before the girls were up. As you will see we got her some food to go along with it and her sweet Nana bought her the cutest little mixer and blender. So I would say she is set to be the next food network star! Hehehe.

So we hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!

A very sweet surprise!

My dear brother and his sweet family sent us the sweetest card and cookie tin this year full of delicious little hand made and decorated cookies. It was so thoughtful of them and I cried reading the beautiful poem my brother so cleverly wrote. He's always been good at that. I just had to share some pictures and let him, his sweet wife and darling little girls know that we thank them so much again for the wonderful gift!! We love you guys and miss you too!!
This is my new found card holder. :) I was trying to think of a good way to display some of our Christmas cards this year and one day I looked over at this candle holder on the wall and thought I could try sticking some in there. I think it works great!

This is the pretty card Jon's family sent us.

I am not sure if you will be able to read this poem , but if it's big enough when you click on it again do take the time.

Karina's enjoying Uncle Jon's family's cookies!

She is so funny when she goes and finds a cozy little spot to have a snack. This one cracked me up!

Here we go a caroling....

I really want to show you all so many pictures and these are first in line. This was the Friday before Christmas and we (my side of the family) all loaded up in my dad's old 66' Chevy truck over at my sister's house and went caroling through the neighborhood gracing anyone and everyone we could with our singing of all the Christmas songs we knew, some we didn't so well :), and just a jolly good shout of "Merry Christmas"!! It was so much fun and I am so glad it has become a yearly tradition. After we had sung ourselves silly we headed to my mom's house for a wonderful time of decorating gingerbread cookies. Everyone got into the fun this year, even the guys. It was so sweet to me to watch my dear husband concentrating so intently on his cookie masterpiece. Karina is not quite old enough to appreciate the art, but she sure had fun watching everyone else and taking a sample here and there of the yummy icing and fun little colored sprinkles. :) So thank you again Mom for such a fun time together!!

Our little family all bundled up.

Danny, Rhema and Rory. Dan was so kind to play the guitar for all our songs.

Tammy, Jonathan and Claire all snuggled up.

Natalie and Joseph playing their jingle bells.

I just love this picture of Natalie and Karina. What a sweet big cousin Natalie is!

And on to the cookie decorating...

I know everyone has probably loaded up on cookies and candies at this time of year so these pictures might make you sick to your stomach. :) But I hope you all have had some great times with your friends and family and shared sweet memories with all those you hold dear!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Our little lady!

I just had to share a few of these pictures we were able to capture this last Sunday at my parents house. Karina's sweet little dress was given to her by Jeff's mom and it really made for a sweet picture.

Cookies and crafts and lots of fun!

Last week we had a great time going to a little party with some dear friends. They invited us over to make some candy cane cookies and a really neat little craft. The craft was designing your own ornament. My friend Heather is so creative and just a blessing to be around. So we went and really enjoyed our time of fun and fellowship. Here are a few pictures from our little party

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...

Well here is our decorated tree. I really enjoyed putting all the ornaments on and would you guess that I bought most of them at the Dollar Tree? They actually have a pretty good selection if you go early enough in Nov.-Dec. There are some that are very special to me that my sister gave us last year. They are the two pewter ones with our pictures in them. Jeff's grandmother has also given us some ornaments that are dear to me that she especially took the time to make herself. As I've sat and enjoyed looking at those things that bring family to mind I also think about the tree and what it in itself reminds me of. I am reminded of the very first bed of my Lord and savior Jesus Christ that was born in a stable so very long ago. It must've been made of a wooden horse trough and filled with straw. Then I flash a few years forward to when Jesus would just be old enough to watch his dad Joseph, a carpenter, building and creating things out of wood and desiring for his son to learn at his side. Then how many a wooden table He sat at with his disciples as they shared a meal. Oh to sit at His feet and hear Him speak words of wisdom. And never forgetting the old wooden cross He bore and hung upon to pay the penalty for my sin. But oh the joyous day when he rose from the grave and after ascending into heaven He continued to give His inspired Word, recorded on paper from some old tree, for all of us to read and understand with His Holy Spirit guiding us with the Truth. So on this Sunday night as I sit in my cozy living room that I am so thankful to God for I also thank Him for the many ways He shows me himself in the simple things.
We ended up putting the tree up on a table in the corner of the living room that Karina can't get to because the couches block it off. :)

This is the ornament that my sister gave to me and Jeff last year and yes I had to string some popcorn for old times sake. We used to do it when I was young and I have grown to love the vintage look it gives the tree.

This is the little ornament my sister gave to Karina and I love the little baby shoe that hangs from it.

This is the star I found at Target and it is absolutely perfect to me. It was just what I was looking for and I was so glad when I found it and didn't have to spend weeks looking in different stores.

This wreath was made from scraps from the tree when we bought it and had them cut of quite a bit from the bottom. I also was able to make another wreath for the front door and a swag for another doorway in our house. So it's been a lot of fun and I hope you all have a had a good time making your homes all nice and cozy for the Christmas season. I pray that as we have others into our homes that they would not only see a lovely and warm setting but that they would sense and know the love of God that lives in our hearts and that it would shine brightly to a lost and dying world. Merry Christmas everyone!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Yummy little hat!

This is a new little hat I just made and listed on my site. I just bought a bunch of new yarn and am hoping to list more as the month goes on. The yarns are all kinds of fun and bright colors so I am having a blast coming up with different combinations. I love striped hats and am thinking I will make most of them like that unless I see or think of another idea. :) It really is so much fun to create and design. So stay tuned for more!!