Saturday, November 24, 2007

Karina's 1st Christmas Tree!!

Let's see what do we want...

Karina is thinking that it may be this one..

She and daddy share a funny moment.

Giving it the feel test...

This one feels just right!

Going for a stroll through the trees..

Mommy and me shot.

I can do this walkin' thing.. Watch me go!

Daddy stands ready to buy the winner!

Home again and ready to set it up.

Well I titled this post "Karina's 1st Christmas Tree" but it is actually our family's first Christmas tree. We have been married two and a half years now, but our first two Christmas's we were living in a town house and didn't have much room for a tree. We also went out of town for both of those years to see family so we weren't too worried about getting one. And it is my first REAL tree. When I was growing up we were in the military and so we always had a fake one out of convenience. But I will say the smell of a real pine tree filling the air in my home is something so wonderful. I've always bought the pine scented candles for Christmas time but I don't think I will this year. There is just no need. :) Anyway, it was lots of fun to go and pick one out, bring it home and set it up. Once we were home and had put it where we wanted it Jeff had to leave to help his dad with something and Karina was ready for a nap. So I had a wonderful time taking out all my decorations and with the Christmas music playing in the background I went about putting my personal touches on the tree and around the house. I truly love being a homemaker and making my home comfy and cozy so that all who come through our door feel warm and welcome and want to sit and stay a while. So I'll put on the coffee and break out the biscotti if you will come for a visit. :) See you soon!

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