Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy (late) Thanksgiving!

Trying to take a family picture. Karina just wants to get down and play. :)

Can you tell we enjoyed our meal?

These are my first attempt at making Jeff's Grandmommy's sweet potato pie. Everyone said they passed the test! Yay for me!

I had to include this cozy picture of Emily all snuggled up by the fire.

All the men just kicking back and enjoying their time off.

Well I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours couldn't have been better. We spent it with Jeff's family at his parents new house and it is always a blessing to get with them and share great food and fellowship. Out of all the MANY, MANY things I am grateful for I can truly say that I am most thankful for the fact that our families are Christians and love the Lord and believe that he sent His Son so very long ago to be born into this world and live a perfect life and that He died on a cross to pay for our sins. To know that we are all undeserving of His great love and mercy and that He still, while we were yet sinners, redeemed us and made us His own that we would be called His sons and daughters and will one day go to live with Him is so glorious I can barely wrap my mind around it. And so on this Thanksgiving let us not just have one day of offering praise to the One who gives us life and frees us from our sin. But let each day begin with us waking up and not being able to even get out of bed without taking a moment and thanking the Lord for adopting us into His family. Nothing could be better!!

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nancygrayce said...

What a great day! You all look so, so thankful! :)