Saturday, November 24, 2007

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire....

Ok so I don't have chestnuts roasting, but I sure do love that song. :) Tonight Jeff and I had our first fire of the season. It was wonderful! I love how it makes the house smell and the coziness it brings. I also love how it pulls us away from the tv since it is in another room and makes us do other, more quiet, activities. I took advantage of the quiet time (well with some background music of course) and made some fun little ornaments for our tree. I call them my swirly whirls. I already had all the beads and wire and just thought they would add a cute touch to the tree. We don't have a ton of ornaments, but I kinda like it like that. I am thinking about stringing popcorn to add too. We always did that when I was growing up and I think it adds an old time vintage touch. Of course you have to make some to eat too. :) Sitting back and watching the fire while I worked on my project I thought about how the Lord makes each and every one of us so unique and special. As I slipped each bead onto the wire I thought this is what the He does with all our diverse qualities and abilities and as he adds they only continue to compliment each other. Every now and then I would put the wrong one on and have to take it off if I was working on a sequence and in the same way God graciously slips off those things that are not qualities that He desires and it serves to make us more beautiful. Then as my thoughts went back to the fire and I had to tend it and add to it as well it only reinforced all that I was pondering. So on this chilly night by my fireplace I thank the Lord that He doesn't leave me to myself and is always adding and taking away just what needs to be in my heart so that I may live a life pleasing unto him. Thank you Lord!!

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Goodlikeamedicine said...

I love the fireplace!!

And I love the analogy. :)