Saturday, November 24, 2007

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire....

Ok so I don't have chestnuts roasting, but I sure do love that song. :) Tonight Jeff and I had our first fire of the season. It was wonderful! I love how it makes the house smell and the coziness it brings. I also love how it pulls us away from the tv since it is in another room and makes us do other, more quiet, activities. I took advantage of the quiet time (well with some background music of course) and made some fun little ornaments for our tree. I call them my swirly whirls. I already had all the beads and wire and just thought they would add a cute touch to the tree. We don't have a ton of ornaments, but I kinda like it like that. I am thinking about stringing popcorn to add too. We always did that when I was growing up and I think it adds an old time vintage touch. Of course you have to make some to eat too. :) Sitting back and watching the fire while I worked on my project I thought about how the Lord makes each and every one of us so unique and special. As I slipped each bead onto the wire I thought this is what the He does with all our diverse qualities and abilities and as he adds they only continue to compliment each other. Every now and then I would put the wrong one on and have to take it off if I was working on a sequence and in the same way God graciously slips off those things that are not qualities that He desires and it serves to make us more beautiful. Then as my thoughts went back to the fire and I had to tend it and add to it as well it only reinforced all that I was pondering. So on this chilly night by my fireplace I thank the Lord that He doesn't leave me to myself and is always adding and taking away just what needs to be in my heart so that I may live a life pleasing unto him. Thank you Lord!!

Karina's 1st Christmas Tree!!

Let's see what do we want...

Karina is thinking that it may be this one..

She and daddy share a funny moment.

Giving it the feel test...

This one feels just right!

Going for a stroll through the trees..

Mommy and me shot.

I can do this walkin' thing.. Watch me go!

Daddy stands ready to buy the winner!

Home again and ready to set it up.

Well I titled this post "Karina's 1st Christmas Tree" but it is actually our family's first Christmas tree. We have been married two and a half years now, but our first two Christmas's we were living in a town house and didn't have much room for a tree. We also went out of town for both of those years to see family so we weren't too worried about getting one. And it is my first REAL tree. When I was growing up we were in the military and so we always had a fake one out of convenience. But I will say the smell of a real pine tree filling the air in my home is something so wonderful. I've always bought the pine scented candles for Christmas time but I don't think I will this year. There is just no need. :) Anyway, it was lots of fun to go and pick one out, bring it home and set it up. Once we were home and had put it where we wanted it Jeff had to leave to help his dad with something and Karina was ready for a nap. So I had a wonderful time taking out all my decorations and with the Christmas music playing in the background I went about putting my personal touches on the tree and around the house. I truly love being a homemaker and making my home comfy and cozy so that all who come through our door feel warm and welcome and want to sit and stay a while. So I'll put on the coffee and break out the biscotti if you will come for a visit. :) See you soon!

Happy (late) Thanksgiving!

Trying to take a family picture. Karina just wants to get down and play. :)

Can you tell we enjoyed our meal?

These are my first attempt at making Jeff's Grandmommy's sweet potato pie. Everyone said they passed the test! Yay for me!

I had to include this cozy picture of Emily all snuggled up by the fire.

All the men just kicking back and enjoying their time off.

Well I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours couldn't have been better. We spent it with Jeff's family at his parents new house and it is always a blessing to get with them and share great food and fellowship. Out of all the MANY, MANY things I am grateful for I can truly say that I am most thankful for the fact that our families are Christians and love the Lord and believe that he sent His Son so very long ago to be born into this world and live a perfect life and that He died on a cross to pay for our sins. To know that we are all undeserving of His great love and mercy and that He still, while we were yet sinners, redeemed us and made us His own that we would be called His sons and daughters and will one day go to live with Him is so glorious I can barely wrap my mind around it. And so on this Thanksgiving let us not just have one day of offering praise to the One who gives us life and frees us from our sin. But let each day begin with us waking up and not being able to even get out of bed without taking a moment and thanking the Lord for adopting us into His family. Nothing could be better!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

baby gifts!

Here are a few little gifts I've made lately. These are all for my sisters' baby Claire. It was so much fun to make up these things for her and I know she will make good use of them. I also made a sweet little blanket, but didn't get a picture of it before I gave it to her. This was the first time I made one of these cute little bears. I got the pattern from a good friend and thought I'd try my hand at it. It was so easy and cheap too. The pillow was easy too and I used my handy dandy embroidery machine to put her name on it. I still can't believe I have one of those machines. That and my sewing machine and knitting keep me quite busy. I have some material that I am going to use for some new curtains for my bedroom. I got it for a dollar a yard and I really like it. The material I used for the pillow and bear were also a dollar a yard. Gotta love that cheap fabric!! I had so much fun making another sweet gift for another niece of mine lately for her 1st birthday. I had made her a really sweet cupcake hat and thought what better to go with it then some little toy cupcakes. I bought her a little tea set and then got an idea at the last minute to take some fabric that I had and make her a little apron. I can hardly wait to get the pictures from my sister in law of little Caroline's birthday so you can all see. So more to come really soon. Till then have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cute cousin Claire!

This is us with Karina's new cousin Claire. She is just the sweetest little thing. She was born to my sister Tammy and her husband Jonathan on Nov 11th. Tammy did great in labor and delivery and I was privileged to be there at the moment she came into this world. Actually I was right outside the delivery room door with her big sister Natalie who was patiently waiting to go inside and see her dad cut the umbilical cord. It was the next best thing to being in the room and fun to talk Natalie through what was happening having had a baby myself. So we praise the Lord that all went well and that she is now at home with her new family and doing wonderfully.

Our family beach camping trip!

These are some fun shots that we took while camping at a beautiful beach campground this last weekend. It could not have been more perfect as far as the weather goes. It cooled down enough at night for us to enjoy our campfire and then it warmed up enough during the day so that we wouldn't freeze on the beach and going for a bike ride. We had a wonderful day on Saturday at the beach and on our bike ride into a really neat little beach town close by. We rode through the houses, browsed the shops, listened to the jazz band playing in the park and shared some yummy ice cream. Then that night we invited our family out for some burgers and dogs on the grill. Dinner was great and our time with our family is always fun. Karina had a bit of a hard time going to bed because she was just overly tired from not having taken a nap earlier in the day I'm thinking because she didn't want to miss anything. Then on Sunday we woke up and had a nice fire and some yummy hot grits and toast. You can see Karina signing more to daddy for those grits she loves. :) While we were slowly packing up to come home Karina was perfectly content playing in the dirt with my tea pot. I thought it was so cute she would put pine straw and acorns in it and close it up and then take them out. Oh the simple things! Well I hope you all had a great weekend too and are having a good week. Enjoy all the pictures and I will get on here soon to show pictures I have of my sweet baby Niece Claire that was born a couple days ago.

Party on the patio!

Well I can't even say how much I enjoyed having all our sweet family over for a fire in the new fire pit. We had the pleasure of Danny's great guitar playing and ate s'mores and hot air popcorn till we couldn't any more. And of course we had some coffee and hot chocolate to go around. I can hardly wait to do it again. The weather was absolutely wonderful too with the temp in the 50's. So I praise God for the time of fellowship and pray for many more to come!!