Monday, October 29, 2007

Pouring the patio!

Well praise the Lord the patio is poured!! We are so excited to have a patio! As you can see we already set up our table and chairs and had a bowl of ice cream the other night to celebrate. Then last night we actually had a nice romantic dinner out there just the two of us. It is so funny to me that I felt like we were on a date but there we were just sitting in our own back yard seconds away from our cozy couch to which we retreated once it got pretty cool out and we wanted to relax and watch a movie. This weekend we are planning to break in the fire pit and have our family over to make s'mores and kick back with some hot cocoa and coffee. Yum! I am so excited to know the use this space will get and the sweet times of fellowship we will have out here either over dinner, lunch or desert by the fire. I do feel as though we have added a room on to the house and in a way it is another room, though it is under the stars and open to the sky. :) You can also tell the kids got a kick out of seeing the big ol' cement truck and watching the guys take it back and pour it. Ethan and Emily even got the chance to get in the front seat and honk the horn!! The driver was so sweet to let us do that. We also put Karina's hand and footprints in the patio and I had to do it too with my hand. I put the date there as well so that was lots of fun! So I thought I would share and hope we can have you all over to enjoy this blessing!


Goodlikeamedicine said...

Thank God for all the blessings in life!!!

You make me ashamed that we aren't using our back deck, and it's so beautiful out there. We need to get a table for it like you guys have --- awesome! Enjoy!

Lynda B said...

Here's a joke on me--I didn't realize the circular part surrounded a fire pit so when I saw it I thought, "Wow! They made a trike path for Karina!" I'm sure she'll let you use the fire pit when she's not riding. All joking aside, it looks lovely and I know you will use it well!

nancygrayce said...

Your patio is gorgeous and that furniture is wonderful! How pretty.....I love the round part surrounding the fire pit. You will have so many great memories out there!!! love you!