Saturday, September 22, 2007

A touch of fall!

This picture right here is so very welcoming to me. It's as if the yarn speaks aloud when I walk by saying come and sit awhile. It it one of the most relaxing things to do in my opinion when I have some peace and quiet and it's just my yarn, needles and me snuggling in for precious bit of time when I can create just what I want to and just the way I want to. I know my Nana would agree and I think of her often as I sit and knit with pictures of her in my mind of years ago when she would knit so very fast and my head would spin. I used to wish I could knit like her and without even looking at times. She amazed me! And I think I would amaze her now with all the knowlegde she bestowed upon me and with such patience. Thank you Nana. I love you so and will continue to knit in honor of you and all you taught me. :)

This is the wreath hanging on my front door that I will confess has been there for a couple weeks now even though it is not officially fall. I got the itch to decorate for autumn about the beginning of September. I think there might have been a day in there somewhere when the air was a little cooler then it's been. And I wanted to see some lovely fall leaves and light a spice candle or two. :)

One of my fall arrangements in my house that remind me the cool weather is not far away!

Doesn't this basket of hats and yarn just scream cozy to you!! I could eat it up if it were food. The yarn in the front of the hats is some I am going to use to knit Karina a little sweater with soon. I am hoping to start on it tonight. I bought it a long time ago and made a wonderful warm and cozy blanket with it, then a scarf when I realized how warm and cozy it was all knitted up. I love the colors too. It is a wool yarn and that makes it nice and toasty. I think I will make a little sleeveless sweater that she can wear with a longsleave shirt, maybe some stripes, maybe some ribbing. We'll see. Can you tell I make it up as I go. Hehe.

Oh and yes I am one of those silly people that likes to change their bedding with the seasons. During the Spring and Summer months I have a navy blue cover that goes over this comforter. It looks very cool and nautical to me. But when the fall and winter come around and I want something that brightens up the room and warms me just by looking at it some change is a must. And so the cover comes off and the flowers are out along with the cozy knitted pillows and chocolate colored fuax suade shams behind them. So just thought I'd give you all a peak into my little world and now I think I will cuddle up in that warm bed and shut my eyes for a bit while my sweet little girl is doing the same in her cozy little bed. Sweet dreams everyone!

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nancygrayce said...

I never thought of changing the bed covers for the change of seasons! But I'm thinking now. The biggest thing I like though in my fall stuff is the pictures that you directed me in making. I just think they are so pretty!