Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My buddy Ethan!

Ethan was so sweet to pose for his Aunt Kristie in a couple hats I am selling in my shop. I knew they would look better on a little boy then they would just laying flat. He is such a fun little guy and growing up so fast. I love that Karina will have a big boy cousin to look after her since she doesn't have an older brother. She could always end up with a younger but bigger brother like I have in my man Dan, but we'll see. And no I am not pregnant yet. :) Anyway just had to share these pics being that they are oh so cute and I don't think it hurts anything to do a little advertising for my shop on my blog either. Hehe. I am currently knitting a little sweater for Karina that is almost done so I will be a bit before I put anything else up for sale just yet, but you will know. :)

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