Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Keeping Karina busy!!

Karina wanted to be with me as I cleaned the kitchen today. I was really lazy today but I did clean my kitchen! It was just one of those days of waking up to a cloudy sky and then lots of rain, which I love, that made me in that cuddly, cozy, not wanting to leave the house kind of mood. So, I didn't! But back to Karina. She is wanting to imitate more and more it seems the things that Jeff and I do around the house. So today it was cooking 101. And even though I wasn't cooking at the moment she knows that the kitchen is where all the yummy food is. And so in an effort to keep her amused while I put dishes away she learned how to make spaghetti, haha. First you have to get your utensils. Then you throw the noodles in, hers were these fun play straws. And of course don't forget to taste the sauce once you mix it all together.
This little display of curiosity in the kitchen made me think of my mom and me when I was younger for she has told me that I always wanted to help. So I flash forward to a few years from now when Karina is pulling at my leg and begging to help me cook as well. I say I can hardly wait, but I am sure that I drove my mom a little nuts at times and she probably wished she could give me a few spoons, straws and a bowl to keep me happy and quiet.
So I will relish these times as my little girl pretends. And will wait for all the fun we will have together becoming companion cooks as we create meal after meal for our family. I can only pray that the Lord will enrich our relationship as we spend time together in the coming years and that one day Lord willing she becomes a loving young woman that takes joy in cooking as I do. Thank you Lord for this precious little girl!!


nancygrayce said...

Hey, I tagged you for a meme....my first! Go over to my site to see what it is.

Amy Middleton said...

wow, she is so beautiful and has grown up so much!!! I love it, I remember loving to help my mom in the kitchen too! what a precious little girl!!

KristieMD said...

Thank you! Yes, she has grown up so fast! I am loving watching her grow and do new things. Her latest is to shake her head no and blow kisses. It's too cute.