Monday, August 6, 2007

Pearly whites and Piggy tails!

I can hardly believe that Karina turns one on Friday. It has been so much fun watching her grow and learn all kinds of new things. She has also changed quite a bit in her appearance with her toothy grin and new do. I had to try putting some pigtails in her hair this week. She barely has enough to do it with but we made it work. She now looks like a little girl to me and not so much a baby. Wow! It sure seems like her first year flew by but oh the fun we've had. Slowly but surely she is beginning to use some words. When she sees daddy now you can tell she is saying Dadda. We are still working on Mamma, but she will say it every now and then. It is so incredible to watch a masterpiece from Gods own hands grow from birth and see how the mind of a little one works and grows in knowledge. I pray with all my heart that Jeff and I can teach her the ways of the Lord and watch her grow in love and devotion for Him. Thank you Father for giving us this little girl to care for and nurture. Thank you even more for your Son and the life He lived and laid down for us that we might be called your children and be privileged to grow in you.


emily said...

you know i LOVE LOVE LOVE the pigtails & ponytail!!!! and we LOVE LOVE LOVE cousin kk!!! we're praising God for this first year of her life!! we love you!

Lynda said...

How cute the hair is! And she's really smiling--Gotta show off all those teeth, I guess! It's so fun watching all these little ones grow into real people. I'm so thankful for all of them and their parents. See you Saturday!

Tam said...

Hey sis, I had so much fun seeing this new post on your blog especially being that I have NOOOOOOOO time to spend on my blog myself. This is a good year - but I never want to relive it. :) I will catch up one of these days soon hopefully. I LOVE these pictures! Looking forward to Saturday! See you tomorrow though!! Yay for me. :)I love you.