Sunday, August 12, 2007

Karina's 1st Birthday!!

Oh what a wonderful time we had at Karina's 1st little birthday party!! The best part was having all our family over to fellowship and celebrate our little girls life. Without them she wouldn't be here so thank you everyone for coming and for all the precious gifts. She has really had a great time exploring each and every one. You should have seen her this morning when she woke up to all these new things to play with. I bet she thought she was at a different house. Time to clean through the old baby toys and put them away for the next little one Lord willing. I will post more pictures soon. It is so wild to see her enjoying all these toys for big kids. She really is growing up! This little car is what Jeff and I gave her. She looks so grown up sitting on it. She hasn't quite figured out how to make it move on her own, but I'm sure it won't take long and she will be riding it all through the house. :) I know the fun has only just begun with our little lady and I pray for many more years with her. Thank you Lord for our little Karina!!


emily said...

oh sweet kk, you're getting so big so fast! we were so happy to celebrate your "happy birthday cake" with you yesterday!!! kristie, i am planning on putting all the pictures i took on your computer in the morning if that works... they're still on my camera.

what a sweetie-pie on her little bike!! :)

nancygrayce said...

I just cannot believe how this year has flown by. Wasn't she just born like last weekend????? Where do the days go?

goodlikeamedicine said...

Aw, so sweet! Wow!

I love the car; it's adorable. Is Karina walking yet? She looks like she is with the way she is standing.

KristieMD said...

Thanks you guys!!! No she is not walking yet Kristi though I know it can't be long now. Probably sometime in the next couple months. You can tell she wants to, but thinks crawling is a better idea. :)