Sunday, August 19, 2007

Happy Birthday to the man I love!!!

It's Jeff's 26th birthday today,
I love this man in so many ways.
To see his desire to serve the Lord,
is just one of the reasons by me he's adored.
He works so hard for us, to provide,
I know that his love flows deep and wide.
His sweet tender ways are something I treasure,
my love only grows for him beyond all measure.
He loves to be quiet to ponder to think.
It's like his thirsty soul is reflecting and taking a drink.
From the well of wisdom that God has given,
I know when he tastes of it then he is driven.
To only serve God more faithfully and true,
so that his life can be a light and he can continue.
So this is for you dear husband of mine,
a better companion my heart would not find.
And so I thank the Lord for giving your heart to me,
and I pray through this poem that you would see,
how great and how strongly my heart beats for you.
I am so very happy you're the one I belong to!
I love you sweetheart and happy birthday!!

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