Monday, August 27, 2007

Dreaming of Autumn...

Yes I am dreaming of Autumn. Can you tell? Did I put up enough pictures of beautiful fall leaves. I took all of these a few years ago when I went to visit dear friends in D.C. Can you feel the crisp cool air on your face and hear the birds chirping, "It's here, it's here"! I can hear them faintly as the heat of summer hangs on for however much longer. So I crank down the a/c light a pumpkin candle and wish for it to come soon. :) I am reminded of a song I know from long ago speaking to the changing seasons.
"Seasons change,
And then they pass,
No way to know how long they last,
I'd love to know the reason why,
But God knows,
Seasons change."
Yes I am likening it to the weather, but in the heart of the artist who penned the lyrics she was speaking of the seasons in our hearts. How often we find ourselves longing for the season to change along with the circumstances it brings as we pass through difficult times. It could be as an oppressive heat weighing down our soul and driving us to thirst for the only one who can give us living water. And then oh so quietly we wake to a morning where the sky is dusted with lovely gray clouds filled with water to quench our heart and mind as we read His word and drink it in. The leaves are falling in red and orange hues as they ready themselves for the new birth in the spring, as we die to ourselves and seek how we may serve Him more fully. And then it comes, that cool soft breeze on our face and the whisper of the One we know so well and hold so dear. The Lord in all His splendor coming to us, in the peace and stillness, His beauty and majesty, to say, "I am here my child. Rest in Me."
That is what Autumn says to me and so I will rest in the Lord knowing that He has perfect timing whether it is a problem (blessing in disguise) or me just wanted to have the cool weather here and now.


Jayne said...

So beautiful...come again, dear friend! Bring your family. (-:

KristieMD said...

Hey there lady! Thank you so much. We would love to come and see you sometime. I had no idea you knew I had a blog! Thanks for leaving a comment.

Jayne said...

I will speak for all of us girls up here ~ we miss your family! We'd love to see you again...until then...we thank God for beautiful blogs like yours and Tammy's!