Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!!

How silly is this!!

"Don't look at the flash little bunny!"

"Another picture mom?"

"OK I'll smile. "

Here are a few pictures from our Easter Sunday. I bought her a little basket and cute (silly) duck with bunny ears to celebrate spring so I thought we'd get a shot of her with it with her silly bunny ears on too. I couldn't resist. :) And then I was snapping some pictures of her in her little onesie that says, " My first Easter" on it that her Nana got for her with her little stuffed bunny too. We had an absolute wonderful Easter. I would've liked to hear more of the sermon in church but Karina was cranky and I was having to tend to her the whole time our pastor was preaching. I am sure it was good and full of rich truths. When we arrived home from church Karina went down for her nap just in time for me to ready some things for our yummy brunch. We had my parents, Jeff's parents, Jeff's brother and his family, and my sister in law's mom for lunch. It was a very very delicious meal and wonderful fellowship. I praise God that we could enjoy time with our family on the special day that we celebrate His being raised from the dead to redeem us from all our sin. To have a family that are believers in Christ and can take joy in and understand the priceless gift that God has given to us in the life and death and resurrection of His precious Son Jesus Christ is an amazing gift. Praise the Lord!!


Bridget said...

I cant wait to meet her!!! Shes way to cute!!!

emily said...

i love her hiding the bunny from the flash... HILarious! we're so glad we could celebrate easter with you and dig in to all the delicious food.... love you tons!

goodlikeamedicine said...

She is beautiful :)