Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy Anniversary to us!!

A picture from our honeymoon in North Carolina

Wow has it really been two years? Can it be that God has blessed me with that much time already with this man that I love so dearly? Well the calender says it has been that long even though it has felt like no time at all looking back. Sure there are moments when I felt like we were going slow motion. Like the time when I was pregnant and wondering when is this baby going to get here. ;) But even those times I wouldn't trade for anything, for it is in those times that the Lord whispers in my ear be still my child and wait on me. And so I have tried to do just that and when I do I am blessed with the most amazing peace that there is that only He can give and that many times passes all our understanding. When I look back at these last two years I am flooded with blessing after blessing. A big one was right before we got married and God provided the job that Jeff now has. Not only is it a job and a very good one, but it is also the perfect one for my husband I believe. And not only is it the perfect job, but in my humble opinion a job with the perfect boss. I couldn't have asked the Lord for a better one for he is the very sweetest, generous, and wonderful Christian man. Praise God!!

Then not too long after we were married I became pregnant with our first child. I will never forget the time I had with that baby though many would say it was too short. I can still remember the fluttering feeling of this little person moving inside of me. Yes, the Lord had other plans for this sweet babe that I would not have the experience of watching it grow up and hearing it's sweet laugh or seeing it's lovely smile, but I can say that in the loss of that precious little one my faith grew for I again became a child in desperate need of comfort in my heavenly Father's arms. Oh that I would always be that broken and know my needs are only satisfied in Him. Not only did it teach me this but also that my husband was so very tender hearted and had such a love for that unseen little one. In this I saw his fathers heart for the very first time.

So you can only imagine that when we found that we were pregnant for the second time how joyful we were and how much we trusted God to bring this baby into the world if it be His will and anyone that knows us knows that Karina Marie came happily and healthfully 7 months ago. We have enjoyed every moment of her life and have been so blessed that she is such a happy little girl and so full of life and personality. What a miracle she is to us to love and care for every day.

Much more has happened since then and it all has only strenthened my faith and love for the Lord, but also done the same with my heart for my husband and so I say this prayer:

Thank you dear Lord for this man that you have given to me. This man that you have made to be one with me, my head, my friend, my protector, my provider that has done such an amazing job with you working in and through him. I can't imagine loving someone more deeply. I give you all the praise and glory for all you have made him to be and thank you for entrusting that to me as his wife. May I be pleasing to you as we live this life as husband and wife and may we trust you in the years ahead however many you may give us knowing that you are in control of everything and that we are your bride longing to be at your side in glory. Amen.


emily said...

happy anniversary! i love reminiscing with you about where God has brought all of us... He is SO GOOD!

goodlikeamedicine said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, too! Sorry I missed it (as much as you can miss an event online -haha!)

I LOVE the "titanic" picture of you and Karina - sooo adorable :)


KristieMD said...

Hey guys! Thank you so much! God IS so good Em isn't he. And thank you Kristi for your comment too. It's lots of fun to get on here and see evidence of people looking at your site. Love you both.