Saturday, March 10, 2007

Admiring God's creation!!

The first two pictures are of flowers I bought in the store recently. The rest are of plants outside our house. I was just wandering around with the camera the other day taking in all the beauty and trying to figure out my plan for landscaping in the yard. I realized we already have quite a few plants I can use that just need to be relocated. I found about five azaleas in one big bunch and that thrilled me. I also discovered a few little palm plants as well. So I am very excited about getting outside and making things look nice. Here is a shot of our big blond tree out front. I love the way it looks right now with all it's buds and new leaves coming in. I even enjoyed raking although it did take me 6 hours to get up all the leaves this tree dropped over the fall and winter months. It was quite a job, but I will do it for this view here every year.

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