Monday, February 19, 2007

Karina's first Valentine's Day!

Hey there everyone,

This is a shot of Karina with her Valentine's balloon from her sweet Nana. She loves it and is interested in anything shiny it seems. Thank you again mom for the sweet card and gift! We had a really nice Valentine's Day. Karina and I fixed a really nice dinner for Jeff and some yummy brownies for desert that we are still trying to finish. :) It usually doesn't take me long to wipe out things like that, but I have been trying to be good. Then Karina and I went to a wonderful birthday party for a friend of ours and ended up with a whole lot of cake as well!! So mommy and baby will be pinging from the sugar for quite some time. Praise God cake freezes.

It seems like February is flying by. What a great year it's been so far. I know we are going to turn around twice and it will be summer time and I can say that I am looking forward to it. Warm sunny days, trips to the beach, playing in the pool, cold lemonade sitting in a lawn chair all sound so inviting. But for now I will be content sitting by the fire on cool winter nights. We are really enjoying our new home and couldn't ask for more.

Lets see what else is new and exciting... Well I've spotted Karina's first tooth coming in and I know it is going to change her whole smile to see a cute little tooth popping out when she grins really big. I was thinking it would be soon because she has been a little more whiny than usual and has been waking in the night needing comfort. So we will see when it actually is visible and of course I will post a picture. Right now all you can see is a little line where it is coming in. One more thing for the baby book.

We were just over at Brian and Emily's house and had a really nice time. I am so blessed to have them as family and so enjoy their company. I can't believe how fast their kids are growing and I think that little Caroline is going to catch up pretty quick to her cousin in size. I am sure everyone will think they are sisters especially since us mom's like to buy them matching outfits. hehehe.

Well I guess I can stop rambling on. Hopefully you all won't get sick of reading my blog before I've even had it for a whole month. I'll try to make my next post more exciting. Bye for now.


emily said...

ramble allll you want! that is what blogging is all about, sister. :) such a cute picture of karina... you should post the ones you just emailed me. those will make somebody's day for sure!! love you. i love your company too.

Kristi said...

here, here! (or "hear, hear!") haha

Yes, please ramble - it's so nice to hear what's going on in your family and your hearts - God is good! Hopefully Karina will be an easier "teether" than ours are - some people are blessed with babies who just fuss mildly and sleep a lot - and then there are others (like mine) who just have a terrible time - bless their hearts!

love ya!