Friday, February 16, 2007

Hey everyone!!
Thought we'd start a blog. So here it is. We'll be on posting more real soon.
Love, K


Tam said...
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Tam said...

Hey KristieMD - sounds prestigious!You're not a doctor of medicine, are you? :) J/K Besides that, you are deserving of some prestige in my book! Look forward to reading your posts. :) I deleted my last comment because I made a significant typo - Oops. There I go messing up your new blog.:)
Your favorite sister (ha) ~ Tammy

KristieMD said...

Thanks Tam!! How exciting to have my first comment be from you. :) I feel special! Love ya, Kris

emily said...

wellllllllcome to the world of blogging!!!! can't wait to keep up with you on here (haha- as if we don't ever see each other!). i love you sister!!!!!

Kristi said...

You KNOW I have to jump into this fun conversation!! So like me! haha

I'm glad you're going to do this, Kristie! I'll look forward to keeping in touch this way with your family :) Love you!

(And I love this picture of Karina - her big eyes look like my kids' the way they are STARING into the camera!) :)

Kristi said...

(Em emailed me your link, by the way)