Monday, February 9, 2015

Merry Christmas (a little late i know)

This Christmas was wonderful! It was the first one for our little man and he wasn't sure what to think. It's always fun seeing how their little minds take in everything and I love looking back at these pictures reliving the thrill and excitement even if he had no idea what is going on! Our sweet girl sure did and it is such a blessing to be her parents and give her good gifts that we know well bless her now and in the years to come. 

What change this last year has brought to our family. God sure knows exactly what He is doing when planning out our lives even if we think it's a little crazy sometimes. And at this time last year we were sure waiting and relying on Him to show us the way!! 

The reason I disappeared from this blog for so long was simply that life got in the way. In a good way that is. Babies, home, school and just life was enough to keep me busy. And though I won't be on here much now I do still love the idea that I can come and share my thoughts and pictures as we go through this one blessed life together and log our fun and memories as a family. 

So here's to another blessed but busy year ahead and all the joy it will bring as we seek God's face in all we do! May it bring Him glory and honor. And I hope you enjoy the little glimpse this space gives and that you feel blessed to have shared it with us............

We started with some stocking fun, moved onto breakfast and bible reading and then the parade and presents. It was a really nice relaxed morning and a great start to the fun ahead. 

K is getting so big and is such an amazing big sister to M. It is so precious to watch her care for and help him and this day wasn't any different. She loved blessing him with little gifts just as much as we did. And watching her enjoy all the day held brought great joy to our hearts as parents!!

Little man wasn't sure what to think, but let sister lead the way.....

We loved gifting daddy with this fun shirt and everyone knows that mommy's buy their own stocking stuffers! ;)

It is always a sweet gift to hear my man reading the Christmas story to our kids! The rest of the morning was lots of fun......

This huge gift was so exciting to give our girl this year!! She had been talking about one of three for awhile now and knowing she is such a great age to really learn and practice made it even more a joy to bless her with it. Ok so daddy really wanted one too. :)

Looooooovvve this reaction!!!

And so it begins! She is doing really well with lessons from daddy and loves the time they spend together! Hoping to get on here again soon to share the rest of this day. But for now this will do. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, a great New Year's and that this year is full of blessings to you and yours!!